Perfect for:

Manufacturing facilities

Distribution centers


Opening MaxSeal door

Strong Guides

Aluminum guides for interior or exterior mounting.

MaxSeal door in warehouse

Breakaway System

Breakaway bottom bar system.

MaxSeal front view

Quick and Quiet

No interruptions to workflow.

Achieving Optimization through Innovation

At PerforMax Global™, we developed the MaxSeal™ high speed vinyl door to create a more time-efficient and energy-saving fixture for your business. Through our innovative technologies and fast opening speed capabilities, the MaxSeal™ is sure to help you maximize your application’s capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you’d like to learn more or request a quote.

Benefits of MaxSeal™

Climate control capabilities
  • Withstands negative and positive pressure
  • Full-width vision panel greatly increases traffic safety and avoids collisions
  • Increases productivity and traffic flow due to quick-acting functionality
MaxSeal front view-2
MaxSeal closed door
MaxSeal door in warehouse-2
Opening MaxSeal door-2

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