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Logistics centers

MaxDock door in black

Springless Design

Simple springless engineering with no hinges, cables, or pulleys.

MaxDock door in grey

Breakaway System

Flexible curtain releases from guides upon accidental impact with breakaway system.

MaxDock doors in wall


RhinoMax™ rubber curtain withstands high wind loads.

Innovative Technology for Maximum Impact

At PerforMax Global™, we developed the MaxDock™ to be one of the most durable options on the market. This door is a perfect example of our commitment to innovating long-term solutions by improving the commercial door industry. Connect with us today, request a quote online, or check out our case studies.


Benefits of MaxDock™

Idle Time and Maintenance Costs are Reduced Through Impactable Design
  • Safe, springless operation eliminates injury commonly associated with torsion springs
  • Tight seal eliminates air and light infiltration, which reduces energy costs
  • RhinoMax™ rubber curtain comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
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MaxDock door in warehouse
MaxSpeed doors in blue
MaxDock doors in grey

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