5 Maintenance Tips To Maximize the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Your residential garage door is not only a focal point of your exterior, but it also protects the largest entry to your home. It's important to take care of your door to ensure it functions properly and looks great for years to come.

If properly looked after, your garage door can last for 30 years, and the motor can work for over a decade. Here are 5 preventative maintenance tips that'll maximize the lifespan of your garage door.

1. Protect the finish.

Prevent scratches to the panels’ surface for both aesthetic and practical reasons.


Prevent peeling paint by chipping away all lifted paint and sanding the door to prepare it for repainting. Using a quality paint pays off with superior coverage. Exposed wood is extremely vulnerable to water - owners of wood look garage doors should plan on scraping and repainting every other year. Find paint formulas for Standard Color C.H.I. garage doors.

Wood stain

If the lacquer on natural wood wears too thin, water will seep in. Moisture can cause the panels to warp, rot, or mold. Warping and moisture issues such as these are much easier to prevent than reverse, so it's important to protect your door from the elements. UV rays from the sun can also fade wood stains over time, so we recommend yearly tint touch-ups and lacquer coats to keep your wood-paneled garage door looking sharp. 

Want the look of wood, without the maintenance? Give your home a hassle-free facelift with Shoreline garage doors, the most realistic woodgrain overlay garage door in the industry. A dual layer of UV protection maximizes color retention, even in the harshest environments. Learn more about Accents Woodtones

Powder coating

Plastic coatings serve more than just a decorative purpose on metal garage doors. Powder coating is thick and resistant to scratches, but it's still vulnerable to industrial solvents and household chemicals (including an ingredient in sunscreen). Clean the surface gently and use only mild soap or cleaners specifically listed as safe.


2. Avoid damage to the panels.

When first purchasing a residential garage door, it's vital that you select the proper grade of resistance for your region and surroundings. If you live in a hurricane zone, for instance, you need a wind-resistant garage door to protect your home from high-wind damage.

Instruct kids (or anyone playing outside) to avoid playing sports directly next to the door. This counts for soccer balls and hockey pucks directed up the driveway, too.

3. Take good care of the movable parts.

Use the track lubrication product recommended by the care instructions on your garage door. Tighten any loose hinges and make sure they are bending evenly. Look the track over for debris, loose hardware, or signs of warping. Tighten any loose pads or screws you discover. If you aren't able to manually lift your garage door, the track could possibly be warped.

4. Establish a regular maintenance routine.

If you had to list all the things a homeowner must do in a year, you may find it’s overwhelming. Taking care of a home just requires some organization. Set alerts on your phone to remind you when it's time to inspect and maintain your garage door. Schedule seasonal spot-checks and maintenance on your regular to-do list. If you feel this is something you'll put off or forget about, you can always schedule routine maintenance services from a local garage door professional.

5. Work with your vendor.

Establish a relationship with a local garage door professional and have peace of mind when you need service. If you see any damaged springs or problems outside the scope of regular maintenance, you need a professional garage door repair specialist. When you purchase your residential garage door, ask about warranty options. A good warranty will guard against any defects in the components of your door and a premium plan can relieve your future worries.



When properly maintained, you will get the most out of your investment. Your family needs a safe and reliable entry to the garage. Curb appeal is another high priority for homeowners, and it is largely influenced by the condition of your residential garage door. Devote a little time and effort into your garage door maintenance routine and you will be rewarded.




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