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Product Spotlight: Planks Featured in Mid-Century Renovation Project


We love seeing how architects incorporate Planks into their beautiful designs. Scroll on to explore the Tannenbaum Renovation by Racinowski Design Studio, a project recently featured in Mid-Century Home Magazine.



Built in 1958, this Fox Point, Wisconsin home was originally designed by architect Abe Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum was known for his mid-century era designs, defined by simplicity and an integration with nature. After passing through several owners over the next few decades, the home was purchased by architect Justin Racinowski in 2014. 


Before renovations. (Photos provided by Racinowski Design Studio)

The after photos we see of home renovations typically vary drastically from the befores—sometimes, it’s even hard to believe both photos are of the same house. Racinowski, however, had different intentions for this project: modernize and enhance the home's mid-century elements, without taking away from the original architect’s vision


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After renovations, featuring Planks garage door in Cedar. (Photos provided by Racinowski Design Studio)

Providing the texture and dimension of wood, but the modern convenience of steel construction, Planks in Cedar Accents proved to be a perfect match for Justin’s vision. Vertically-stacked windows on the garage door establish asymmetry, appealing even more to a retro, mid-century aesthetic. 


Want to see the interior of the Tannenbaum Renovation? Get the full tour here

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