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How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Garage Door Installation

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Your new garage door is finally here, and it's almost time for your C.H.I. dealer to install it. There are several quick steps you can take to speed up the process and ensure a smooth installation.

 Step 1 | Move your vehicles

If you keep your cars in the garage, make sure you move them to the street or far enough away on the driveway to allow your installer to back their vehicle near the garage opening. Doing this will allow plenty of space for your installation crew to work with and allow access to the area around their truck--without risking damage to your cars.

Step 2 | Clear out your garage

In addition to moving your cars, be sure that any equipment, tools, trash bins, etc. are put away or moved to the rear of garage. At a minimum, the front half of your garage should be empty. This not only gives your installers enough space to work, but ensures your belongings aren't accidentally damaged in the installation process.

Step 3 | Make sure your kids and pets are a safe distance from the work area

Removal of your old garage door and installation of your new one require the use of heavy and dangerous tools. For the safety of your family, the only people who should be in your garage or driveway during this process are the installation team.

Step 4 | Familiarize yourself with your installer's updated safety policies due to COVID-19

Many C.H.I. dealers have revised their installation processes to adapt to current conditions, such as no-contact installations or mask requirements. It is also important for you to communicate any specific health restrictions or concerns you may have to your installer prior to them arriving for your installation. 

Step 5 | Prepare questions to ask your installers 

The final step to prepare for your upcoming garage door installation is to think about any questions you may have for your installers regarding maintenance, safety inspections, warranty, etc. to ask before they leave. 


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