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Garage door styles to suit every home

There are many small but necessary decisions to make when buying a residential garage door. The most fun and transformative is the door style. It has a massive impact on your home’s aesthetic and will be there for decades to come.

There are hundreds of different designs, but don’t let choosing between garage door styles make you nervous.

We think they fit into two broad style categories:

  • Timeless classics and country-chic
    These are perfect for simple, subtle injections of style and quintessential charm. They’ll look fresh and give your home’s exterior an effortless lift. Raised panel garage doors and carriage garage doors are popular choices.
  • Modern marvels
    These are great if you’re looking for a sleek, crisp, and minimalist design. Modern garage doors can make a statement or blend beautifully into your home’s exterior. Full-view aluminum garage doors and planks garage doors are popular examples.

There’s a style to suit everyone – you just need to explore your options and decide based on three factors:

  1. Your home’s architectural style
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your personal style

1. Your home’s architectural style

The type of home you have can influence the garage door style you choose. We'll go through popular pairings for America's favorite home styles:


Untitled design


Ranch homes are typically single-story with open-plan living, large windows, and a simple exterior. They’re one of the most popular home styles in the US and suit both classic and contemporary residential garage doors. Add subtle style for a modest façade or be bold by using faux wood for warmth and Madison or Stockton window inserts for extra character.

We think these garage door styles pair well with Ranch homes:

Mid-century Modern and Contemporary

Untitled design-2


Characterized by open internal space, asymmetrical details, lots of natural light, and metal, and concrete, these statement houses suit garage doors with clean lines and bold windows.

Whether it’s horizontal edge-to-edge glass with steel or short rectangular panes with aluminum, both help to add atmosphere and intrigue to your aesthetic – especially at nightfall when internal lights will add a warm glow to your home’s exterior.

We think Mid-century modern and Contemporary homes suit::


shoreline in walnut accents


Inspired by late Middle Ages and early Renaissance architectural styles, these homes are characterized by stucco exteriors and decorative half-timbering. They suit neutral-colored or wood-effect doors with arches that create soft silhouettes. Leaded glass in small windows also complements this type of home.

Tudor homes pair well with:


Untitled design-3


The craftsman home is known for its covered front porch, tapered columns supporting the roof, and mixed stone or brick exterior materials. These exteriors are quite versatile depending on the look you're going for, there are several residential garage door styles that will complement your craftsman facade.

If you want something classic, go for:

If you're feeling bold, go for:

Modern Farmhouse

Untitled (4148 × 2000 px)


The modern farmhouse home style has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. These homes are typically all white, featuring a covered porch, an abundance of windows, and black or natural wood trim.

Carriage house doors are the most popular garage door style in modern farmhouse architecture, as they give the appearance of old-fashioned barn doors. Though some prefer solid-color steel garage doors, others get creative with faux or natural wood or opt for bolder aluminum designs with long horizontal windows.

For a traditional garage door, try:

For something more modern, try:

Colonial and Cape Cod

Untitled (4148 × 2000 px)


These classic and charming homes are typically symmetrical with steep gable roofs and a central front door. They’ll often have cladding, pillars, shutters, and dormer windows, too.

Choose a garage door that reflects your home’s simple, symmetrical structure without diminishing its historic charm. For a touch of elegance, carriage garage doors are a great choice.

These styles work well:


Untitled (4148 × 2000 px)-2


Popular in southern California and the southwest, these homes typically feature plaster or stucco exterior surfaces and tiled roofs. Wood garage doors pair well with this home style, though wood-look garage door alternatives are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who don't want to deal with the maintenance of real wood.

Mediterranean houses go well with:

2. Your lifestyle

When it comes to residential garage door styles, consider the opening style as well as the panel style. Think about how you’d like your door to open and how you’re going to use your garage space as this influences the kind of tracks and opening mechanisms you need. Your options are:

  • Up and over doors
  • Roller doors
  • Swing doors
  • Sectional doors

If you plan to do a lot of work on cars in your garage and like to spread onto your driveway, sectional, roller, or up and over doors will work as they tuck away into the garage headspace.

If you want to store lots of belongings in your garage, a roller door won’t use up much headroom. A swing door is also good for this – you just need to account for the doors opening outwards into your driveway which requires more space and flat ground.

3. Your personal taste

Choose a garage door that you’re happy with and meets your requirements.

There are garage door styles that naturally work well with certain houses, but you can make any garage door suit your home. With plenty of materials, colors, hardware, and glass to choose from, buying a garage door is a chance to make a statement and design something unique to you. So, don’t get bogged down with what you should buy. Instead, have fun and design something that’s truly yours.

Try garage door styles on your home

To visualize how your house would look with a new garage door, try before you buy with our DoorVision tool. Simply upload a photo of your home to try different styles on for size. Happy door shopping!


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