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Garage Door Safety Checklist

The garage door is the largest moving object on your home. You want to make sure that it is working safely and properly. By following these tips and maintaining your overhead door, you can ensure your door is safe to use throughout the life of the door. garage door safety checklist

Garage door safety features protect you when they are working properly. To ensure garage door safety year round, test your opener and door’s function thoroughly.

  1. Test the automatic reverse function of your door periodically. Engage the motor to lower the door and then trip the sensor by carefully waving past the threshold. If the safety feature does not work, have it serviced immediately.
  2. Test the track for warping by disengaging the motor and lifting the door yourself. It if is balanced and the track is aligned, you should be able to lift the door yourself. If left midway up, it should stay in place and not sag.
  3. Test the force setting by engaging the motor to close the door and then holding the bottom of the door still. It should reverse automatically.

Garage door safety begins with conscientious users. Children can hurt themselves if they are not careful in the garage. Adults can stand to be mindful of pinching hazards, too.

Garage Door Safety Checklist and Tips for Parents:

  • Educate kids about how to properly use the door once they are big enough.
  • Remind children to keep their fingers away from the track.
  • Warn kids that movable panels can pinch their fingers or catch their clothing.
  • Teach kids not to play in a closed garage especially if there are fumes.
  • Keep the opener away from small children.
  • If your garage interior has exposed insulation, keep children from touching or poking it.
  • Consider keeping the garage door locked when bigger kids are playing unsupervised.
  • Be sure the door is working properly so bigger kids don’t hurt themselves trying to open it.
Keeping up with the maintenance of garage door components is especially important. Visual inspections should be made at least twice a year.
  • Maintain the door panels as directed. Inspect them for rust or scratches in the paint. Steel garage door panels exposed to air can invite corrosion. Metal components can become dangerous if they bend or rust. Similarly, wooden doors can peel, crack and splinter. Sharp edges can cut users as they touch the door or walk by.
  • Springs and other movable metal parts are susceptible to warping or cracking. Lubricate movable parts as directed in your maintenance manual. Some rust can be scrubbed away but it is advisable to replace springs at the first sign of degradation. A broken spring is very powerful and can strike a person or vehicle when it snaps.
  • Visually inspect the track for warping or signs of loose hardware. Use a soft cloth to brush dust and debris off the sensor lens when you are inspecting the track. A warped track can cause the door to break or fall off of the track potentially injuring a person, pet, or vehicle.

By taking some simple actions this month, your family can use your overhead door safely for years to come! We hope these residential garage door safety tips help you get the summer started right.

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