10 ways to turn your garage into a living space

A garage is a great extension of your home. While its original purpose is to house your car, most people slowly find themselves using it for other reasons. Think of those boxes from move-in day that you might need again, the cycling equipment you said you'd use every day, or the antique from your great aunt – that isn't yet pride in place in your dining area. Sometimes, the garage is where these things end up.

But could you be doing more with your garage? A garage renovation could be all you need to truly make the most of your space. And it might be that much-needed excuse to declutter. Let’s explore why and how to turn your garage into a living space.

What can you do with a garage renovation?

There’s a lot you could be doing with your space. In the U.S., two-thirds of all housing units have a garage, so why not make the most of them? A garage renovation can help you to:

  • Declutter your things
  • Build a space for productivity
  • Improve home storage
  • Create a place for fun activities
  • Develop your hobbies
  • Entertain your family and friends

10 ways you can use your garage as a living space

Think of your garage renovation as a way to create a meaningful space in your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Home gym

40% of Americans said they started to work out in their garage during the pandemic, and many still do! Save yourself the commute to the gym and enjoy the luxury of working out at home. Using your garage as a gym is a great way to create psychological separation from your typical home workouts, next to the couch, for example. You'll also have more room for professional gym equipment. And when it gets hot, simply open up your residential garage door and let the glorious breeze in!

2. Home office

The average American spends up to 27% of their working days a year working from home. It can be difficult to concentrate or separate your work priorities if you’re working from home. Especially if you don’t have a dedicated office room. Your garage is the perfect opportunity to create a productive and calming space, so you can work in peace.

3. Playspace

Are you constantly picking up your kids’ toys scattered across the floor? Create a fun and playful space in your garage for your children to go when they want to have fun. This lets kids play more freely in any weather and gives them a dedicated space to spend their time if needed.

4. Entertaining space

Imagine inviting your neighbors over, opening the garage door, and welcoming them into a fun entertaining space – complete with a pool table, dartboard, and bar. Deck your garage space out with lighting and speakers, and you’ve created a fun place to host your friends, without having to clean up your whole house before they arrive. In the summer, set up a BBQ in your front yard and let your guests relax in the fully kitted-out garage area.

5. Hobby workshop

Whether it’s carpentry or painting, a garage is a perfect space to pursue your passion. The residential garage door offers easy access to move materials in and out, and the garage space keeps any mess all in one place – away from your beloved furniture and carpets. You’ll never have to worry about a paint spill again!

6. Business hub

Renting out a private office space can be costly, especially for a small or new business. Your garage is a perfect opportunity to follow your entrepreneurial endeavors from home – offering all the space you might need to create products, package items, or store your materials. Always remember, that you might need a bit more space if your business takes off.

7. Rental unit

Unused garage space can be lucrative if you’re looking to make a quick buck. Local people in your area might want to store things temporarily or even permanently. If you’re not using your garage, consider renting it out. Make sure your residential garage door offers the functionality and accessibility people need to move their things in and out.

8. Mudroom

Do you love the great outdoors? If you’re an adventurous spirit, you’ve probably returned home covered in mud before. A mudroom lets you keep the rest of your house clean while offering entry to your home. Use your garage space to store your outdoor equipment, change shoes, remove dirty clothing, and even wash off your pets before they enter your house.

9. Guest room

Add a bed, or sofa bed, that guests can use when they stay at your house. Of course, a garage doesn’t always offer the comforts of an actual home. But it’s a useful space to host more people if you need it. Fully convert your garage with the right doors and fittings to make your guests more comfortable.

10. Home cinema

Use your ample garage wall space to put up a large TV or screen and get comfortable chairs to create a home cinema. Consider soundproofing your garage for that added extra atmosphere, and choose residential garage doors with fewer or no windows.

Make the most of your space with a garage renovation

There’s more than one way to use your garage space, and a garage renovation can help you make the most of it. Take the wow factor even further with an impressive garage door to suit your needs, and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect space.


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