2-200 Commercial Sectional Door Technical Training

Track: Technical | Sales
Duration: 4 days*
Location: Varies - See Training Schedule for locations
Cost: $550
Billing: Course cost will be invoiced upon registration.**

The Commercial Sectional door class introduces door technicians and sales professionals to Commercial Sectional products. Training is divided between classroom and the Tech Center.

Students will be taught to properly handle sections, including loading and unloading a truck and carrying and lifting methods. Different installation techniques to increase efficiency and ensure repeatable, successful installations are reviewed in class. Students will then perform these installations in the Tech Center. Students will be taught proper maintenance of doors, how to swap sections, and how to effectively troubleshoot door and operator issues.

The goal of the commercial sectional class is to expose students to the more complex installation and product features available with Commercial Sectional door and operator products.

Installations will include complete door systems (doors and operators)

  • Normal headroom door with T-5001L5 LiftMaster operator
  • 20’ x 7’ door with 4” c-channel struts (Arthur Training center location only)
  • Low headroom, front mount inside hook-up
  • Conversion to low headroom, front mount outside hook-up
  • Conversion to low headroom, torsion rear
  • High lift door with 26” of high lift and J501L5 jack shaft operator
  • Roof pitch doors with 2/12 pitch
  • Vertical lift door
  • Various install LiftMaster mods to operators to ensure understanding of installation, including 2nd wall station, 2nd set of photo eyes, timers, mid-way stops, and red/green lights
  • Note that additional specific installations or trouble-shooting techniques may occur based on individual class questions and/or experience

Students will take final exams to measure retention and performance including a multiple-choice test and practical exam installing a door from start to finish.

This course also includes a plant tour of the Arthur production complex.

Recommended for: Installers with 1+ years of experience or completion of Residential 2-100

Please contact us directly for multiple class registrations or groups of 3 or more.

*Off site training events will be condensed to 3 days
**COD Customers must pay prior to arrival at training event. Invoices are due and payable upon registration.